How to Make Money on Amazon: Strategies for Success

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Learn how to make money on Amazon with expert strategies. Explore the process of becoming an Amazon seller, from setting up your Amazon seller account to utilizing the Amazon FBA program. Discover the Amazon Seller app for effective management. Gain insights into becoming an Amazon best seller and dive into Amazon FBA for beginners. Get started with selling on Amazon and unlock the potential for financial success as an Amazon seller.

It's no secret that Amazon is a great website for shoppers. What is less well known is how easy it is to make money out there - not just as a marketer.

Marketing is one of the most common ways to make money on Amazon, we have several tips below for increasing your profits as a seller. But it's far from your only option. It is possible to generate income without money from the site. So this will make you earn money while you sleep! 

Read on for all the information you need on how to sell on Amazon, plus our list of the best ways to make money on the site.

How to Make Money on Amazon, sell on amazon, how to sell on amazon, amazon seller account, amazon fba seller, amazon seller app, amazon best seller, amazon fba for beginners, how to become an amazon seller, amazon seller for beginners, how to start selling on amazon,

How to sell on Amazon:

Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative opportunity to reach a large number of customers and grow your business. Here is a step by step guide on how to sell on Amazon: 

Review and choose your selling plan: Amazon offers two selling plans: Consumer and Professional. The Individual plan is suitable for those who plan to sell less than 40 per month, while the Professional plan is for sellers with a high volume. Consider your marketing goals and choose a plan that suits your needs. 

Set up your seller account: Go to the Amazon Seller Central website ( and create your seller account. Provide relevant information, such as company details, contact details, and payment methods. 

Decide on your product strategy: Identify the products you want to sell on Amazon. Study the market, the competition and the benefits of the products you are considering. You can source products from manufacturers, wholesalers, or use Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to sell your own products. 

List your products: Once your seller account is created, you can start listing your products on Amazon. Provide accurate and complete product information, including names, descriptions, images, and relevant keywords. Follow Amazon's guidelines for listing products to increase your chances of appearing in search results. 

Choose your fulfillment method: Amazon offers two main fulfillment methods: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).  FBM requires you to manage these aspects yourself. Determine the best system for your business based on factors such as cost, scalability, and quality. 

Improve your product portfolio: To increase your visibility and increase your sales, optimize your product portfolio. Use relevant keywords in the title and description, provide clear and attractive product images, and look for positive customer reviews. Keep an eye on product pricing to stay competitive. 

Manage your inventory: Manage your inventory levels to avoid stockouts and ensure fast fulfillment. If you choose FBA, Amazon will handle the inventory management for you. If you go to FBM, focus on your inventory and fulfill orders quickly. 

Provide excellent customer service: respond quickly to customer inquiries and resolve any issues or concerns quickly and professionally. Good customer reviews and ratings can have a huge impact on your success on Amazon. 

Monitor performance metrics: Amazon provides performance metrics, such as Order Defect Rate (ODR) and Late Shipment Rate, to measure your performance as a seller. Analyze these metrics and take action to maintain high customer satisfaction. 

Grow your business: As you gain experience and success with Amazon, consider expanding your product line, exploring advertising options such as sponsored products, and using other tools and services to grow your Amazon business.

Remember to familiarize yourself with Amazon's policies, guidelines and pricing procedures to ensure compliance and avoid any potential problems. Additionally, follow the latest updates from Amazon to adapt your sales strategy accordingly.

How to Make Money on Amazon, sell on amazon, how to sell on amazon, amazon seller account, amazon fba seller, amazon seller app, amazon best seller, amazon fba for beginners, how to become an amazon seller, amazon seller for beginners, how to start selling on amazon,

Amazon selling fees

As mentioned above, there is a monthly fee for the Retail plan (£0.75) and a monthly fee for the Professional plan (£25). On top of that, additional fees apply to both plans. Here are some other costs to consider: 

Referral Fee - This fee varies depending on the type of product being sold. It is calculated as a percentage of the selling price, which includes the cost of the product and shipping and handling. There is usually (but not always) a minimum submission fee of £0.25 per article.

Closing Fee - There is a £0.50 closing fee for most adverts sold. This applies to things like music, DVDs, video games, and software. The books have a closing fee of £1. Refund Administration Fee - If you want to refund a customer after receiving payment, you will get your deposit back, but the refund administration fee will be deducted from it. The fee will be £5 or 20% of your deposit, whichever is lower. High Listing Cost - This can't get you into a job unless you sell a lot. If you have more than 2 million SKUs, a fee of £0.0003 per SKU will be charged. A SKU is a unique reference code you assign to each product you list.

For more information:  See Amazon fees

How to Make Money on Amazon, sell on amazon, how to sell on amazon, amazon seller account, amazon fba seller, amazon seller app, amazon best seller, amazon fba for beginners, how to become an amazon seller, amazon seller for beginners, how to start selling on amazon,

How to Make Money on Amazon: Strategies for Success

Amazon sellers can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month. The difference between high-quality and low-quality salespeople is product analysis and strategy. Cheap sellers can turn this into regular income. When you're making thousands of dollars a month, you can rely on Amazon. Finally, you can use it to pay for future projects.
Below, you will find nine ways to make money selling on Amazon. 
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Launching Your Own Brand on Amazon

Can you make money selling on Amazon? The short answer is "yes," while the long answer is that there are many ways: 

Launching your own brand is easier than you think. Amazon supports this through the Amazon Brand Registry. Even if you have no big experience, you can get started today.

Launching an Amazon brand, you'll need to keep these tips in your mind

You need a registered trademark for your brand name.

You need to be in a country that Amazon supports like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.)

Include product photographs showing your logo on the product and brand packaging.

AMZScout Product Database to Find Your Products:

If you want to start on the path to creating your brand, you'll need to research effective products. 

1. Go to the AMZScout Product Database.

2. Sign up for your free trial. You'll need to fill out a sign-up form if you don't already have an account. You don't need to input any payment information.

3. Set product criteria. Should use the search filters found on the Product Database to narrow your criteria. 

4. Retrieve search results. Should click find products to search based on your product criteria.

5. Choose the products which most closely align with your criteria.

Using the AMZScout PRO Extension to Find Profitable Branded Products
The Product Database provides a good starting source to find what you need, but the PRO Extension offers more information. The AMZScout PRO Extension will have analyzed your niche & competition to make sure you can turn a profit.

Below, you'll find some steps on how to use it:

2. Open AMZScout PRO Extension. 

Amazon will open automatically after installation. 
You will notice that the extension will appear in the bottom half of the screen on Amazon. You will be redirected to the registration form. Fill out this form to get the extension. 3. Enter the product title in your Amazon search. This may include volatile products, interesting products, or those in the AMZScout product database.
4. Analyze the niche and value of the product. The result table provides you with critical data (such as network share, expected sales, revenue, etc.). Use this data to help you evaluate potential benefits.
5. Research niche markets. Average monthly sales are displayed at the top of the screen. 6. Analyze the market of each product. Refine your search by item by checking the number of sales next to those items. This data provides an analysis of demand for products within a niche. Check the track record of the item to see if there are any periodic changes in price and sales.
7. Ensure that sales are always high. Niche historical data tells you if the market is stable or seasonal. 
When you find a good product, you can start looking for a manufacturer. 

Selling products from online sources (online cases) 
Online shopping involves buying products at a discount online and selling them elsewhere for a markup. Online retailers use the time and money of an online store to make a profit that is easy to measure. With that in mind, product research is as important here as in any other marketing strategy.
How to use AMZScout's Online Arbitration and Dropshipping Extension 
Using search engines can facilitate online arbitration. Online arbitration and AMZScout extension is the best tool to simplify your arbitration process. 

Find out how to use it in this quick guide: 

1. Install AMZScout's Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping Extension.

2. Sign up for your free trial. You can enter basic information without providing payment details, making it a risk-free transaction.
3. Browse for product ideas. These can include any of the following: 
Interesting genres/niches 
Popular products 
Scroll through your search results. The extension is done automatically to help you find the right product.
4. You can find a quick summary of information under each product. Check the data in each box, such as more than 300 sales and a margin of more than 50%, to choose the products on the page that work well. Choose FBA and FBM sellers to eliminate competition on Amazon.
5. Review the most valuable products. You can order any product by checking the search results. You will receive information about possible restrictions on the product page (for example, if it is already private label, closed, or unsafe).

6. Ask about potential product benefits. You can find out more about your quota and income by adding details to the calculator. Using AMZScout PRO Extension for Products 

Then use the AMZScout PRO extension to find out how online arbitrage products will sell. PRO extension data helps you analyze your niche and competition. Follow these steps to get started with this extension for online arbitration:

1. Install the PRO Extension.

2. Start your free AMZScout trial. Just enter your email to get started for free.
Once installed, will open with the extension. 

3. Add AMZScout Online Arbitration and Dropship Extension items. Once your search results are displayed, click on the AMZScout icon in the bottom left corner to use the extension.

4. Review product information. Then you can start with the following essentials: 
More sellers (two or more) usually means that the product can be sold. However, more than ten vendors means you may face stiff competition.
A net margin above 50% usually means high profit potential. When the original product is available on Amazon (old products usually have sellers).
5. Check the resale potential by using the product label. A product with more than seven product marks generally means a good market. 6. Evaluate product marketing performance. Click the arrow to the left of the product and select \"Product History\". Knowing more about the history of the product will give you an idea of ​​how to react when the product changes.
How to make your sales process easier and faster 
A careful analysis of the benefits and the competition will reduce the risk and support the benefits of Amazon. Here are some tips to be efficient. AMZScout tools can help you overcome sales challenges and grow your business. Source and validate valuable product ideas.
Identify keywords to optimize ads in PPC campaigns. Learn Amazon selling tips and tricks from professional sellers.
Get new product ideas every week to increase your chances of success (years worth). Get 10 useful tools instead of one, and a great deal.

Products found in physical form (Retail Arbitrage) 

Trading involves buying products at a physical location to sell them at a markup. This is similar to online shopping, only you have to go to a physical store to find products. 
Business judgments have the following advantages: 
Results and big daily profits are easy to check. You don't need to raise any money to get started.

It's a great way to make quick money. The trade-off process is simple, which means that many sellers use this method. This means you have to be careful not to enter an overly competitive market with too many sellers. Keep an eye out for local markets and store closures to get the most out of them. Otherwise, you can use the above-mentioned guidelines for online judging, where you will still need to consider product reviews.

How to Make Money on Amazon, sell on amazon, how to sell on amazon, amazon seller account, amazon fba seller, amazon seller app, amazon best seller, amazon fba for beginners, how to become an amazon seller, amazon seller for beginners, how to start selling on amazon,

Sell Wholesale Goods

Wholesalers buy products from customized brands, usually from bulk orders. Then you will resell the product individually, possibly at a profit. Since other sellers may be doing the same, you may be selling against stiff competition. That's why it's important to analyze the markets that have no security, which you can do with the AMZScout tool. Unlike commercial arbitration, you don't have to look for cheap products. Instead, you can use established vendors in the field to negotiate the best deals. When considering market share, you can focus on one of two areas: 
Buy products with less exposure, which reduces potential competition.
Choose a popular product that has more sales (and more competition). You can find products with high value for money by using the same research method mentioned above as an online trial. Research can make all the difference as a successful marketer.

Become a Dropshipper and Sell Someone Else's Product
Dropshipping is selling products that are managed by other retailers. "Good seller" manages the fulfillment (stocking and shipping) while managing the inventory and shopping. The main weakness of Dropshipping comes from the need to share most of your profits with your suppliers. With that in mind, it will help you analyze your options to find the best value. Further research should be done on the quality of suppliers. Because you have the listing, selling any bad products will affect you more than the seller, so be sure to check seller reviews. People with good marketing skills can make a lot of money. However, you must follow the same process as above in the online arbitration section to ensure that you find the right product.

Sell Handmade Products (Amazon Handmade)

Amazon Handmade is a specific product category where everything is handmade, as the name suggests. For this reason, the items in this section are considered high. Almost 20% of customers can buy things because they represent personalized and unique things. Handmade products represent that, making them a great opportunity to build a reputation. Keep these tips in mind if you want to enter the art market: 
Focus on how much money you want to make and how many hours and what you put into producing the product.
Handmade items sell more because they understand that they are different and good. Consider offering products from Amazon on websites like Facebook Marketplace or through local retailers.
Get inspiration from social media sites like Pinterest. Consider other great sites like Etsy or ArtFire to narrow down your options.

Create and Sell Merch with Amazon

Merch By Amazon is a print-on-demand service used exclusively by Amazon sellers. "Merch" is a form of advertising that showcases the skills of artists or those who want to sell branded products. So if you want to sell designs you've made, Merch is a great opportunity.
Like shipping, Merch is Amazon's non-product platform. You don't have to touch a shirt or coffee for a sale.
Below are additional tips you can use when getting started with on-demand printing products: 
Consider using a third-party print-on-demand service to create an off-site merchandise store. Expand where it makes sense to display your art (eg coffee mugs, t-shirts, stationery, etc.).
Always ask yourself how you can make your product unique. Use social media to establish your unique style and brand to gain followers.
Pay attention to your income, because a demanding publishing job can take a large amount of that profit. Many printers want to stick to t-shirts because they provide a platform to showcase their talent. However, you'll also want to consider other sensible options, such as sweaters or hoodies. As with shipping, pay special attention to Amazon discounts. Therefore, sellers will find many opportunities here. 

Sell Your Old Belongings on Amazon

Amazon has a strong market for used products. If you have a lot of valuable things in your home, Amazon offers a unique way to declutter your home. Many sellers enter the used market for this reason. Start by looking at the product code on the packaging of the item you are using; If you don't have the packaging, check if the product has a serial number directly. This will help you see if a used product is already available on Amazon, which means you won't need to create a new product listing. Here are some other tips when selling used items: 
Don't buy heavily used items. Pay attention to the different usage levels and their definitions. Assess the potential collectible value of old or new items.
Take high-quality product images according to Amazon's image requirements. Selling unwanted items gives you the opportunity to "try" to sell. However, you should not rely on this method as the main source of income. After all, it's only a matter of time before you run out of used accessories.
When selling rare products, consider Amazon's collection type requirements. Some used products are hard to sell.

Pro-tip for Selling Products: Apply for Amazon Launchpad
Amazon Launchpad is where new brands can get exposure. If you want more exposure for your product, using Launchpad is a great way to get more sales. 

Sell ​​books with Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a self-publishing tool that allows you to sell to buyers without requiring support from a publishing house. Amazon makes it easy to get started, allowing authors to publish their work without the need for approval. Aspiring writers who have submitted their work know what it's like to receive a rejection letter. Since Amazon doesn't check books for quality, you don't have to worry about this rejection. Although it's easy, you still want to avoid submitting documents without proper planning. A careful and sensible editing process will maintain the quality of your writing even when you are self-publishing. Consider these tips before publishing your book: 
When creating book ideas, take the time to find out what people are looking for in different areas of the media.
Most sales books don't exceed 100 pages, which means you can answer questions that are concise, straightforward, and provide value to readers. Selling e-books can help you reduce your costs.
Focus on topics you have personal experience with. It allows you to speak from your point of view, adding a unique look to the book.
Earn money on Amazon (without selling) 
If you don't want to sell products on Amazon or write books, you have a few other options. Below are ways to make money on Amazon without selling e-commerce products.

Become an Amazon Affiliate 

Amazon affiliates provide product referrals to their subscribers' audience. They can earn hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on buyer's guides, how-to blogs, and general advice. If you've ever wondered how to make money with an Amazon affiliate, this is the process for you. A free URL is associated with your unique Affiliate ID. This allows Amazon to track how many clicks and sales you get, allowing you to track how much money you earn. 
Becoming a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program can also help you understand how to create marketing copy. Taking these lessons and applying them to the market is one possible way.
Affiliates can create a blog or start a social media page. Websites like YouTube and TikTok are great sources for video-based product recommendations.
Before starting a website or YouTube channel, keep these affiliate tips in mind: 
Start researching different types of products, focusing on what you want to sell (and how much you can make). Focus on a narrow range of products, so you don't confuse your audience with what you're advertising.
You can create problem-solving content (like how-to videos) that focus on how the product is the solution to the problem. Use a website with a solid blogging platform (like Wix or WordPress) if you blog.
If you create a video, don't be afraid to upload and use your content across multiple video platforms. Above all, focus on creating value for your audience. Google's valuable content optimization is down to websites that are more focused on marketing than profit.

Become an Amazon Influencer 

The next step in affiliate marketing is to become an influencer. Amazon agents work directly with Amazon, marketing products on behalf of other sellers who contact them. This is one of the best ways to sell without a product.
Amazon influencers market products as affiliates. What makes them different is that they often have discounts. After all, influencers have more followers, which means they can command higher referral fees. To register as an influencer, you will need the following: 
A YouTube, Instagram or Facebook account. (Twitter was recently deleted but may be back.) 
At least 20,000 subscribers (estimated). You need to be in constant contact with your audience. 
As an affiliate, you can add your custom URL to your blog or YouTube video to advertise these products. Amazon also allows you to generate additional sales by creating an influencer store. This store allows you to start promoting products. Like affiliate marketing, influencers need to think about the products they want to list. Ideally, they have personal experiences with these products that they can showcase in blogs or videos. 

 Amazon Services

Amazon Services is a way for service businesses to market themselves through Amazon. Plumbers, contractors and furniture assemblers can find the way to know here. Amazon takes up to 20% off what you get. So, you may want to price tag to get something different or measure your profit margin before you decide to use this service. Oftentimes, advertising budgets are below this cut.
The exposure may be good, but you won't find any customers. Amazon services are not popular in some areas. However, creating an account and logging in is risk-free for business owners. Some of the services that Amazon bares include contracting, plumbing, furniture assembly, outdoor equipment assembly, water heater advice, home theater installation services, TV wall mounting, grill assembly services, bed assembly services, etc.

 Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer 

Amazon Vine is an invitation program that offers free products in exchange for reviews. Members of the program are not paid in the traditional sense but receive products to thank them for their time spent and leaving reviews. Since Vine reviewers don't get paid, you can't make money using this service first. However, there is nothing stopping you from selling your freebies. So, unfortunately, you don't get paid to write Amazon reviews. At least you can't pay Amazon, because some sellers may charge you for reviews (which Amazon doesn't like). To join the Amazon Vine community, start writing a review. Amazon randomly selects Vine members, but generally selects people based on the number of helpful reviews they leave. Because it is completely random, you can "put Vine" like other programs. With that in mind, it's best to put this event in the "if it happens, it happens" category. How to make money working for Amazon 

Work in Amazon's Fulfillment/Distribution Centers

Amazon Fulfillment (or Fulfillment) hires employees to help with the packaging and shipping of Amazon products. FBA sellers send their products to these companies to go through the shipping or storage process. Here's where your last Amazon Prime order came from.
As a matter of fact, the average salary for Amazon Fulfillment Associates in the United States is $17.06 per hour. These partners form the backbone of Amazon's fulfillment center. 
Line workers include different positions. These include general staff, floor managers, and warehouse managers. You may also find yourself in a position to use heavy equipment or analyze financial data. To get the best salary at Amazon, apply for a qualified position.

Work Remotely as an Amazon Representative

If you want to work directly with customers, consider becoming an Amazon representative. These agents, sometimes called "Amazon Associates", are the backbone of Amazon's customer service. So if you want to work at Amazon from home, that's your job.

Affiliates not only manage Amazon's product line, but all other product lines. To become an FBA seller, becoming an agent helps you understand common customer service issues.

Many of these services are also self-service, which means you can save money on gas and other car expenses by hiring one of these services. Customer service can cost up to $20 (mostly for technical levels) and usually requires the following: 

Secondary education 
Technical experience (especially with Windows products) 
Strong customer service and communication skills 
Specific solutions to problems (identified by Amazon's service level model) 
Working from home can help you save money, but make sure you take care of yourself! It can be worse to stay indoors for a long time.

Perform Outsourcing Tasks

Outsourced services include anything that Amazon outsources to third parties. You can find many jobs through Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Amazon Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) is a group of individuals invited for specific and (like) casual work. Typically, job seekers do this to gather information. This information helps Amazon make decisions about new features or the best images.
Visit the Amazon Mechanical Turk website to sign up. Here are some common tasks: 
Improved design by tags 
Choose the best product photos 
Object recognition in satellite imagery 
Removal of incomplete or duplicate content (available in Amazon reviews) 
Organize data to make it understandable 
Audio translation and creation of subtitles 

Most Mechanical Turk members don't make much money. The minimum wage is one penny, which is not enough to live on. Is it easy to do MTurk? Short answer: yes, but that's why the freelancer-based job market is huge. But there are some who pay the best. Mechanic Turk \"Masters" are the most experienced people on MTurk. This team is committed to MTurk, which means they earn more than average. Therefore, they are trusted to do more important work. MTurk jobs are usually short, which is why they support low payouts. So, if you want to make money with MTurk, you have to repeat a lot of tasks in a row. With enough hard work, you may earn less, but you will find more profitable opportunities elsewhere. 

Do Seasonal Warehousing Work 

Amazon hires additional help during peak periods (such as the holidays) to meet the needs of fulfillment partners. Applying to a nearby fulfillment center can provide you with much-needed temporary cash. A unique approach to this is the Amazon CamperForce, which is aimed at those who travel and live the RV lifestyle. Amazon calls it that because they pay a bonus ($120 per week) for camping if you work part-time for them. Posts can last from six to twelve weeks. During this time, you will live in an RV and stay in an RV park or park. If you like the job (and you do it well), you can switch to a full-time position. 
Deliver Through Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is when you work on behalf of Amazon to deliver. Amazon assigns you blocks based on where you live, and you are responsible for delivering the blocks to community members. Pay for drivers can range from $18 to $25 per hour. This can quickly turn into a full-time job if Amazon is popular in your area. However, some neighborhoods give Amazon less time, making it a bit confusing. 

Flex is only available in these 50 states. Otherwise, you may be eligible to work with Amazon's third-party delivery company (not Amazon directly). You can find a list of Amazon Flex states here. Services include delivering items from nearby distribution points to homes. Flex is designed to expedite delivery, which means you can expect items to be delivered where they need to go within hours. Secondary transportation you can apply for includes DoorDash, Instacart, or Uber. If you've worked for these companies before, Flex is no different. 


By reviewing these 18 ways to earn money from Amazon, you can choose the one you like the most. Just because someone else has made a lot of money doing something doesn't mean you have to force yourself to do it. Either way, the highest income goes to sellers on Amazon. To get started, check out our guide (via the link above) to learn more about selling strategies. You can also check out the AMZScout app to speed up your research process, helping you find the best products quickly.

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