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Easy Way To Improve (All-Star) Your LinkedIn ‘Profile Strength’

linkedinIt’s very important for everybody to be a LinkedIn All Star. LinkedIn have always encouraged its users to complete as many sections of the LinkedIn Profile as possible.

There are 5 levels to attain 100% Profile completion or ‘All-Star’

(1) Beginner

(2) Intermediate

(3) Advanced

(4) Expert

(5) All Star

You achieve ‘All-Star’ step by step:

=>Adding a profile photo

=>Listing 2 or more positions you’ve held, along with descriptions of your roles

=>Having 5 or more skills on your profile

=>Writing a summary about yourself

=>Filling out your industry and postal code

=>Adding where you went to school

=>Having 50 or more connections

Now enjoy 100% Profile completion or ‘All-Star’ LinkedIn ‘Profile Strength’

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